GIRLS TYME: pathos, ethos, mythos, groce.

Hello, mon petit choux. Welcome to GIRLS TYME aka Turkey Curry Buffet’s weekly recap of the HBO show GIRLS. This week’s episode begins with the awesomest of awesome mini montages: a shot of discarded Magnum condom wrappers (Nothing so thrilling as boldly sauntering up to the CVS checkout with a big ole’ box of Magnum Ecstasys; it’s tantamount to standing on a roof and shouting to the world, or at least the cashier, “AND HE’S GOT A BIG KNOOOOOOB.”) (PS Have you ever used Trojan Ecstasy condoms, Magnum or otherwise? If not, put down what you are doing, and go buy some. Right now. Trust me. Momma knows.) followed by a shot of a jar of Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co, replete with spoons. The only two things I reliably had in my cupboard when I was 23 and living in NYC were Magnum condoms and that exact flavor of peanut butter, which is one of those things that moulders in the back of every NYC cupboard. Nothing so dispiriting as getting up for the fourth time on a Sunday night to see if any new foods have magically teleported themselves from Gristedes into your pantry and, welp, no, there’s still only that half-eaten crusty-rimmed jar of cinnamon raisin peanut butter, and definitely no bread to put it on. So you settle back down on the couch and dolefully spoon it straight into your mouth. GIRLS, you got this one right. (PS are you sick of me comparing my brief experience of living in NYC to that of the characters on GIRLS? TOO FUCKING BAD.)

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