GIRLS TYME: Of skirts and drugs and DJ tracks, of ex-boyfriends and flings.

Hey kids! Welcome to this week’s edition of GIRLS TYME aka Turkey Curry Buffet’s weekly recap of the HBO show GIRLS.  This week’s episode opens with a shot of Hannah, Jessa and Marnie walking down a forlorn streetlamp-orange Brooklyn block in search of some remotely located warehouse party. Whoever does the costumes design for this show is a genius (was so tempted to type JEANius just then, because I have pun Tourette’s).  There’s not much dialogue between the girls here; their clothes speak much more loudly about who they are and how they’re going to act at the party.

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GIRLS: a recap.

You know what I’m obsessed with? That new HBO show GIRLS. If you are reading this, that means we are very likely friends in real life, and if we are friends in real life then that very likely means you are just as obsessed with GIRLS as I am. Must one always capitalize GIRLS when referring to the show’s title, I wonder? I kind of like it in all-caps. GIRLS. POW! GIRLS. BAM! My vagina is wearing Everlast shorts and a mouthguard!  GIRLS!

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